Thank you for your interest in Henson Brothers Livestock. Located in Western North Carolina, we strive to produce a quality product that will allow young showman to be competitive nationwide. A wether named “John” got us started into the goat business when Noah and Caleb bid him off for $225 and he went on the win the NC State fair that year. From there we reinvested into a couple of does and now run around 75 brood does. 
The base of our genetics comes from Miller Boer Goats out of Thorntown, Indiana. Kedrick has been a huge mentor and has helped us assemble an awesome doe herd. 
More than anything we are a family farm that strives to keep our faith and family values at the forefront. The good Lord has blessed us with an opportunity to be caretakers of one of his creations, so we try to make them the best we can.

 - Noah Henson 
Jeremiah 24:15